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What are the advantages of distance education?

The fast evolution of technology has given birth to an evolved education system in which various new learning methods have been introduced which came out as a boon to learners. One of the learning method known as distance education has gained so much importance among students that the number of students enrolling for distance learning is increasing day by day compare to conventional classroom learning.

An inclination of students towards distance education is due to some of the advantages associated with it. So let’s see what are the benefits of distance learning.

  • No age bar: Distance education has removed age bar, so one learner who is of age 17 and other, who is of age 50 can get admission in the same course and also have access to the same kind of course material and the quality of education.
  • Flexibility: It provides a great convenience to students that is they can schedule their study time, there is no fixed schedule to follow. Students don’t have to visit the college to attend class and thus helps them to save both money and time. Moreover, most of the institutes provide easy admission process and installment system for paying fees to lessen the financial burden on students.
  • Multitasking: It provides great opportunity for learners to continue education with their job, there is no need to quit it as they can study at any time from any place at their leisure. Moreover, it is the best option for homemakers too, who wants to pursue their higher studies without compromising their family. They can easily study from their home. Also, undergraduate students, who is financially not sound can complete graduate and postgraduate degree along with the part-time job.
  • Cheaper education: The cost for courses taken under distance education mode is much lesser than regular education of attending classroom. Thus, it provides equal opportunity of learning to all learners across different social class.
  • Accessibility: It is seen that there is lack of enough educational institutes in rural areas, which keep students devoid of opting education and course of their interest. Such underprivileged students can now easily get access to the good quality education from their own place without going anywhere.
  • Ample of options: There is big list of universities and colleges that are approved for distance education by UGC. Each university offers a wide range of unique courses is each field. So students have full opportunity to study the subject in which they want to progress their career. Moreover, there are plethora of centers available in each city for promoting university’s courses. So, learners can easily take admission in any university irrespective of place of their residence.
  • Job opportunities: The main concern of students thinking of getting their degree through distance is whether they will get enough job opportunities or not. Then, an answer is yes, because day by day employer’s perception is changing and are welcoming distance students without hesitation.